Bonsal, Killgore and Miller

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Lieutenant E. W. Killgore

Lieutenants Stephen Bonsal, E. W. Killgore and Walter Miller round out the list of army pilots who carried the mail during the first three months of the service.

Lt. Stephen Bonsal flew 4,975 miles in his three months of service, making 38 trips, chalking up 75 hours in the air, and suffering four forced landings.

Lieutenant E. W. Killgore had five forced landings, the most of the army pilots. He made 39 trips, clocked 86 hours in the air, and flew 5,670 miles with the mail between May 15 to August 9, 1918.

Lieutenant Walter Miller flew 48 trips, with 4 forced landings. He logged 60 ½ hours in the air, flying 4,975 miles for the airmail service between May 15 to August 9, 1918.

A crashed airplane in a tree
One of the Army's pilots missed the ground altogether and crashed his airplane into a tree.
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A partial view of the cockpit in a Curtiss Jenny airplane.
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Lieutenant Stephen Bonsall crashed his aircraft at Bridgeton, New Jersey on May 16, 1918, the day after the service had begun.

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