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Airmail Object Showcase

The National Postal Museum is the repository of a number of exceptional philatelic and three-dimensional airmail collections. Among these treasures is the Emma Batchelor collection, materials from the life and flights of Amelia Earhart and artifacts from airmail's early days donated by Benjamin Lipsner, the first Superintendent of the Air Mail Service (1918-1919).

Did you know
...that in 1919, one pilot died for every 115,000 miles flown?
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In addition to specialized airmail collections, the Museum has a comprehensive collection of U.S. airmail stamps and postal stationery materials, an array of airmail covers from the 19th century to the present.

Block of twelve of the original 1918 US airmail stamps
Block of twelve of the original 1918 US airmail stamps.

Fad to Fundamental: Airmail in America

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Airmail Object Showcase | National Postal Museum


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