3¢ Mothers of America

3-cent Mothers of America original Farley's Follies uncut press sheet of 200
Mothers of America, Scott #738

The reprints of the special printing bear Scott #754. It was issued imperforate and ungummed, as was the original special printing. The stamps were issued to the public on May 2, 1934. This original “Folly” is dated April 13, 1934, by Farley.

Here, Farley wrote three rather lengthy inscriptions across the left and right selvage of the sheet:

“To Betty, Ann and Jimmy Farley 4/13/34/From their Dad./James A. Farley Postmaster General”

“This is the third sheet of these/stamps. The first was given to the President/and the second to Mrs. F. D. Roosevelt.”

“This is to certify that only five sheets/were issued unperforated (sic) and in this/condition. This and the other four sheets were autographed as they came off the press./James A. Farley Postmaster General 4/13/34”

Adjacent to Farley’s inscription to his children is the following autograph note:

“and from/ Franklin D. Roosevelt”