3¢ Mt. Rainier National Park

3-cent American Philatelic Society original Farley's Follies uncut press sheet
American Philatelic Society Souvenir Sheet of six 3¢ Mt. Rainier National Park, Scott #750

The original stamps were issued on August 28, 1934, in souvenir sheets of six stamps each. They are imperforate and gummed. The reprint of the special printing (Scott #770), ungummed and imperforate, in panes of 20 souvenir sheets, was issued on March 15, 1935.

This example of the original special printing bears one inscription:

“To Betty, Ann and James Farley from their Dad./ This is the second sheet of the souvenir sheet/for three cent Mt. Rainier stamps issued Aug. 15, 1934/ James A. Farley, Postmaster (spelling?) General”

August 15, 1934 was the date of printing; August 28, 1934 was the date of issue to the public.

On the bottom selvage is the autograph “Franklin D Roosevelt”.