6¢ Crater Lake National Park

6-cent National Parks Crater Lake original Farley's Follies uncut press sheet
6¢ Crater Lake National Park, Scott #745

The original stamps were issued on September 5, 1934, in sheets four panes of 50 stamps each, with center lines terminating in arrows at each end of the lines. They are perforated and gummed. The reprint of the special printing (Scott #761), ungummed and imperforate, was issued on March 15, 1935.

This example of the original special printing bears one inscription:

“To Betty, Ann and James Farley from their [the] Dad./ This is the second sheet of the six cent Crater Lake stamps issued Aug. 29, 1934/ James A. Farley, Postmaster General”

August 29, 1934 was the date of printing; September 5, 1934 was the date of issue to the public.

On the selvage is the autograph “Franklin D Roosevelt”.