Congressional Free Franks


Congressional Free Frank cover
SENATOR DANIEL WEBSTER FREE FRANK ADDRESSED TO CALEB CUSHING, ca. 1835-1843. The cover, mailed September 8, has a hand-stamped circular, red Boston postmark.
Congressional Free Frank cover
FREE FRANK SIGNED BY CONGRESSMAN GRENVILLE DODGE, MILITARY HERO AND RAILROAD TYCOON, ca. 1867-1869. The cover was postmarked by hand in Washington, DC, on November 21.
Free Frank cover
FREE FRANK SIGNED BY JAMES B. CLAY, ca. 1857-1859. James B. Clay, son of Henry Clay, send this item to his son using a free frank. Clay served in the House of Representatives from March 1857 until March 1859. Since free franking did not apply to personal mail, this letter is an example of abuse of the privilege.
Post Office Free Frank cover
FREE FRANK COVER ADDRESSED TO WILLAIM C. RIVES. A Jackson Democrat from Virginia, Rives served in both the Senate and the House. He also served as Andrew Jackson's minister to France. The cover, postmarked in Richmond, is dated June 30, 1860.


Congresional Free Frank cover
MACHINE-APPLIED SIGNATURE OF PRESCOTT BUSH, FATHER AND GRANDFATHER OF TWO PRESIDENTS. This free frank cover was postmarked at Washington, DC, on March 9, 1961. Prescott Bush represented Connecticut in the Senate, 1952-1963.
Congressional Free Frank cover
MACHINE-APPLIED SIGNATURE OF ARIZONA SENATOR BARRY GOLDWATER. Goldwater ran for the presidency in 1964. A Washington, DC, postmark dated February 6, 1961, franks the cover.