Glorious Flight

The Jeanette C. Rudy Duck Stamp Collection
Sketch of two flying ducks

Ding Darling's design for Duck Stamp #1—1934

Virtual Exhibit
two geese flying in a sunset scene
“Geese at Sunset”
Photographer – Mark Ross

Created by Mary T. Sheahan and Jim O'Donnell - Philately Department, National Postal Museum

Jeanette C. Rudy

Lovely, alluring duck stamps have captivated many collectors, including Jeanette Cantrell Rudy. The indomitable Mrs. Rudy, however, occupies a niche all her own. Over a fifty-year span, she assembled the hobby’s foremost collection. Further, as a philanthropist, businesswoman, conservationist, lifelong collector, and hunter, she has transcended stereotypes in each category, claiming distinction as a woman in domains dominated by men.