Postmarks from the Simon Wiesenthal Collection

Tools of the Trade

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Simon Wiesenthal perforation gauge
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Wiesenthal's stamp tongs

These tongs, perforation gauge, and rubber stamp were among Simon Wiesenthal's personal tools for use in his stamp collecting hobby.

Like most collectors, Wiesenthal used tongs to handle his stamps, including the stamps in this display. Tongs help collectors to avoid touching stamps directly, which can soil or damage them over time. The ends of stamp tongs are smooth and should be thin enough to slip easily under a stamp.

Wiesenthal's perforation gauge, another common tool, let him determine the number of perforations along a 2-centimeter (20 millimeter) portion of the edge of a stamp. Stamp enthusiasts use perforation measurements to identify stamps and help verify the stamps' authenticity. Typically, a collector holds the gauge in place and slides the stamp across it, looking for a spacing on the gauge that exactly matches the perforations.

Wiesenthal marked his stamp albums with this rubber stamp, which reads "Simon Wiesenthal." He may also have used this signature stamp in his office work.

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Wiesenthal's signature rubber stamp