Postmarks from the Simon Wiesenthal Collection


Cesky Wiesenthal

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Wiesenthal, Austria postmarked post card

Most postmarks in the collection are from the late 1800s or the early 1900s, but Simon Wiesenthal included some later ones as well. After World War I, Bohemia -- the location of Boehmisch Wiesenthal and Wiesenthal an der Neisse — became part of the new nation of Czechoslovakia. Postmarks for the old Boehmisch Wiesenthal now read Český Wiesenthal, Český Viesenthal, or C Viesenthal, all meaning Czech Wiesenthal. Simon Wiesenthal had examples of all three.


Cesky Wiesenthal Straightline Postmarks

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Český Viesenthal straightline postmarked cover, Czechoslovakia, 1948
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Č Viesenthal straightline postmarked cover, Czechoslovakia, 1945

The last of these, C Viesenthal, was a temporary postmark used briefly just after World War II and just before the city changed to its modern, Czech-language name of Loučná pod Klínovcem. These C Viesenthal postmarks are among the few straightline (as opposed to circular) postmarks in the collection. Straightline postmarks typically appear during times of transition, when postmasters must improvise a postmark for a new or changed town name by setting type locally.