Died September 18, 1970

A Musician is Born

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The 3.1-cent Guitar coil stamp was issued on October 25, 1979.

A mention of 1960s America conjures up psychedelic images of war and protest, groovy fashion, drugs, and music. Jimi Hendrix, often recalled more as a legend than a man, embodies the experimental soul of this dramatic decade.

The Seattle native taught himself how to play the guitar as a young boy, but it wasn’t until after seeing Elvis Presley perform that he took up the electric guitar. Besides the hair curlers that he was known for packing whenever he traveled, his guitar was always nearby, and it became a defining part of Hendrix’s persona.

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The 29-cent Elvis Presley stamp was issued on his birthday, January 8, 1993.
4-cent Seattle World's Fair stamp
The Seattle World's Fair stamp was issued April 25, 1962.