Dangers, Disasters and Good Deeds

Good Deeds

The men and women of the United States Postal Service believe that their job is more than sorting and delivering over 600 million pieces of mail to over 130 million addresses each day. A vital part of providing the best mail service in the world is a sense of caring.

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Top left to bottom right: Mail Carrier, City Delivery, Mail Handler, Airmail Pilot, Rural Delivery, Railway Mail Service, Delivery Bar Code Sorter Operator, Postmasters.

For more than two centuries, America’s postal workers have maintained a constant and vigilant watch over every home and business. In times of need, they have responded with selfless deeds and willingly risked their lives for the safety of others.

Through the years, postal workers have become the front line of safety for many Americans. Today, under the specter of bioterrorism, they have a renewed sense of caring for their customers and communities. America is grateful for these everyday heroes and America is proud.