Native Themes in New Deal-Era Murals


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Painting of two Native Americans in eagle-like costumes.

Native ways of life, culture, always distinct and unique to place and particular people, still resonate in the overarching themes . . .

Painting of several Native Americans in canoes hunting and fishing

Interpretation by academic method and significantly by the “outsider” perspective differs, sometimes in stark ways, from . . .

Painting of a herd of buffaloes with a train in the distance

Encounter, the point of before and after, pervades much Native consciousness, and even more overwhelmingly, nearly all . . .

Painting of several Native Americans near a shore and a ship in the water

Trade drives nearly all exploration. It was an early occurrence of the contact period in the Americas. The crude bartering of . . .

Painting of a white man talking to several Native Americans

Evangelization comforted many Native people, particularly after periods of warfare and of epidemics that caused drastic death . . .

Painting a several white men with guns and horses attacking Native Americans

Thirst for land, resources and opportunity drove a major human migration over the American continent. But the shout of . . .

Painting of a Native American standing with a horse and a white man sitting.

American Indians, or American Indigenous – the Native nations of North America understood diplomacy and developed . . .

Painting of a Native American on horseback with a dog and a tipi in the background

In the sciences, the expectation of extinction has plagued Native peoples. The expectation today is one of survival . . .

Several Native Americans and three white people on horseback in front of a movie set screen

Some truth and way-too-much fiction blend American Indians in the popular imagination. Caricature and romance . . .

Indians at the Post Office