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Comoro Islands

Stamps issued: 1978-PRESENT

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1000-franc Basketweaving single

A group of islands in the Mozambique Channel between Mozambique and Madagascar. Under French rule since the 19th century, the Comoros were attached to Madagascar from 1911-46, being reorganized as an Overseas Territory in 1946. Since 1950, the Comoros have issued their own stamps. The Comoros became independent in 1975, except for Mayotte, which voted to remain French. A coup soon after independence placed a leftist regime in power, but its increasingly eccentric rule brought another coup in 1978, which replaced it with a pro-French government.

Narrative by Linn's Stamp News

Precedent Countries:

Stamps issued: 1950-1978

For period 1912-1950 see Madagascar and Comoro Islands

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10-franc Anjouan Bay single

Stamps issued: 1892-1912

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1fr Navigation and Commerce single

Stamps issued: 1906-1912

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5fr Navigation and Commerce single

Stamps issued: 1897-1912

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45c Navigation and Commerce single


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