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Stamps issued: 1976-PRESENT

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10-rupee Tiger Cowrie single

The Seychelles are a group of ninety-two islands located about 1000 miles northeast of Mauritius and the same distance east of Kenya. Administered by Mauritius, stamps of Mauritius used in the Seychelles can be distinguished by a "B64" postmark. In 1890 the islands issued their own postage stamps. Until 1938 these were simply the image of the British sovereign in a circle, a standard British colonial 'tablet' design.

The Seychelles became a separate British colony in 1903 and an independent country in 1976.

Nicholas G. Carter

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Stamps issued: 1890-1976

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2.25r Giant Tortoise single

Formerly occupied by France, the Seychelles have been under British rule since 1810. The Seychelles were ruled as part of Mauritius until 1903. During 1903-76, the islands were administered as a separate colony. Although the ruling party preferred to continue the Seychelles' association with Britain, sustained pressure from the Organization of African Unity and United Nations forced it to declare independence on June 29, 1976.

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85c Map of Seychelles & Compass Rose single

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