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Republic of the Congo

Stamps issued: 1992-PRESENT

A republic on the north bank of the Congo River, in west central Africa. The former French colony of Middle Congo, the Congo became a member state in the French community in 1958 and gained independence in 1960. After 1963, the Congo government alligned itself with both the Soviet Union and China. U.S. relations, severed in 1965, were restored in 1977. In 1990, Maoism was renounced, and opposition parties were legalized.

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Precedent Countries:

Stamps issued: 1959-1992

For period 1934-1958 see Gabon, French Equatorial Africa

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100-franc Boy Gathering Coconuts single
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75-franc CFA February 5 Movement, 10th Anniversary single

Stamps issued: 1910-1933

For period 1891-1903 see Gabon, French Congo

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3-franc Steamer on Ubangi River single

Former French colony on the northern side of the Congo River. Created from existing French territory in 1907, it was confederated with Gabon, Ubangi-Shari and Chad to form French Equatorial Africa. After 1936, issues of French Equatorial Africa replaced those of the individual colonies.

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