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Stamps issued: 1960-PRESENT

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45-franc Lincoln single

A republic in West Africa. Formerly the French Sudan, Mali joined Senegal in 1959 to form the independent Federation of Mali. Senegal withdrew from the federation in 1960, and Mali, which called itself the Sudanese Republic during its union with Senegal, proclaimed its independence as the Republic of Mali. Mali maintained a carefully neutralist policy until 1968, accepting economic aid from both the Western and communist blocs. After 1968, Mali followed a pro-communist foreign policy under President Amadou Toumani Traore, until his ouster in 1991. Famine in 1973-74 and drought in the 1980s have plagued the country.

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1-franc Cattle single
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10-franc CFA Improved Stoves for a Green Mali single

Precedent Countries:

Stamps issued: 1959-1960

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25-franc Flag and Map of Mali single

Stamps issued: 1921-1944 and 1894-1899

For period 1944-1959 see French West Africa

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1.40fr Sudanese Boatman single

Former French colony in northwest Africa. Separate issues were in use from 1894-1943, when they were replaced by those of French West Africa. In 1959, this area joined with Senegal to form the independent republic of Mali.

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Stamps issued: 1906-1921

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5fr Camel with Rider single

Stamps issued: 1903-1904

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1fr Navigation and Commerce single

A French African administrative unit (1902-04) comprising French holdings in the Senegal and Niger area. In 1904, the area was renamed Upper Senegal and Niger, and in 1906, stamps of this new entity were released.

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