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Stamps issued: 1990-PRESENT

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30k 54th Anniversary of Independence single

In 1989, the military government renamed Burma the Union of Myanmar. In 1990, the country's first multiparty elections in 30 years resulted in a clear victory for the opposition, but the military refused to step down. The regime has continued to harass its opponents and is under U.S. economic sanctions.

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Precedent Countries:

Stamps issued: 1948-1989

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15p Rice Farmer single

Following independence, Burma maintained a nationalistic policy of socialism, restricting the economic and political freedoms of its people, especially non-Burman minorities. In 1989 the name of the country was changed to Myanmar.

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Stamps issued: 1937-1948

Prior to 1937 see India

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Overprint on 25r stamp of India single

A republic in southeast Asia. Burma was a part of British India until 1937, when it became a separate territory under Britain. Occupied by Japan 1942-45, Burma was reoccupied by Britain, which granted independence on Jan. 4, 1948.

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Overprint on 3a6p stamp of India single

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