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Precedent Countries (Italy)

Stamps issued: 1944

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Fasces Overprint on 50L stamp of Italy single

The Italian puppet state under Mussolini, which nominally ruled those areas under German occupation during the final days of World War II.

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Stamps issued: 1912-1940

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10L Graf Zeppelin over Rhodes single

A number of Italian issues were overprinted with names of the various Aegean islands, including Calchi, Calino, Caso, Coo, Fero, Fisso, Nisiro, Patmo, Piscopi, Rhodes (Rodi), Scarpanto, Simi and Stampalia.

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Stamps issued: 1919-1920

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5c Severing the Gordian Knot single

A city on the Adriatic Sea. A former Hungarian port, Fiume was disputed by Italy and Yugoslavia after World War I. An Italian private army occupied the city in 1919, and a free state was subsequently established during 1920-22. A fascist coup brought Italian occupation in 1922. In 1924, Fiume was annexed to Italy, while adjacent territory was annexed to Yugoslavia. In May 1945, Fiume was occupied by Yugoslav partisans. Italian stamps were overprinted for use in the area during 1945-46, after which regular Yugoslavian issues came into use.

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Stamps issued: 1850-1866

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3s Coat of Arms single

The Lombardo-Venetian Kingdom was created in 1815, comprising northeastern Italy, under the Austrian emperor. In 1859, Milan was conquered by Sardinia, and in 1866, Austria relinquished Venetia to the Kingdom of Italy. The Austrian administration issued separate stamps for this state, inscribed in Italian currency, which were also used in Austrian post offices in the Ottoman Empire. Since 1866, Italian stamps have been in use.

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