Celebrating Lincoln through Stamps and Postal History

Lincoln Memorial

4-cent Abraham Lincoln stamp
This stamp showcasing French's sculpture of Lincoln was issued May 30, 1959.

The seventh president of the United States, Andrew Jackson once said, “one man with courage makes a majority.” America’s sixteenth president, Abraham Lincoln, definitely fulfilled Jackson’s requirement. Lincoln stands among the limited few who through their leadership and actions changed the course of America’s history forever. His legacy lives on to the present day.

The United States sought to honor this great leader and eventually created a monument in his name. The Lincoln Memorial, constructed between 1914-1922, marks the west end of the National Mall in Washington, DC. The Doric-style memorial houses a large statue of Lincoln created by Daniel Chester French. The walls surrounding the sculpture contain words from both the Gettysburg Address and Lincoln’s second inaugural address.

$1 Lincoln Memorial stamp
This stamp featuring the Lincoln Memorial was issued February 12, 1923.

The Post Office Department issued a stamp celebrating the Lincoln Memorial as part of the Fourth Bureau Definitive Issue. The 1-dollar denominated stamp was released February 12, 1923, the day Lincoln was born. It depicts the east façade of this famous Washington, DC, landmark. C.A Huston of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing designed the stamp based on a photograph taken by the Signal Corps of the Army. Huston’s work was approved on May 30, 1922, the same day the government dedicated the monument.