Celebrating Lincoln through Stamps and Postal History

Invoking Lincoln's Image

1940 Republican Convention Event Cover
A promotional envelope (cover) sent from the 1940 Republican National Covention.

Since his death in 1865, Abraham Lincoln's image and memorable words have been used an incalculable number by the United States government. His image has appeared for many reasons and purposes on items including: the one-cent US penny, US 5-dollar bill and dozens of postage stamps. Political candidates, political parties and individuals have used Lincoln's image and legacy to promote their causes. For example, Republican Party promotional imagery has employed Lincoln, particularly since he was the first Republican president. The above cover was sent from the 1940 Republican National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Patriotic feelings and fervor, as depicted on printed envelopes in times of war including the below cover have often featured Lincoln and quotes from his famous speeches.

World War II Patriotic cover
A World War II patriotic envelope (cover) sent on October 6, 1945.