Celebrating Lincoln through Stamps and Postal History

The 1860 Republican Nomination

1/2-cent Washington strip of three on Lincoln Anniversary Event Cover
This commemorative event cover was sent from Chicago, the site of the 1860 Republican Party Convention on May 16, 1935. This cover marked the 75th anniversary of the nomination of Abraham Lincoln.

Even though he lost the 1858 Senate race, Lincoln was an appealing politician for the newly formed Republican Party. His debates with Douglas demonstrated his principled nature and intelligence. He quickly became popular in the eyes of the public.

5-cent Trans-Mississippi John Charles Fremont on the Rocky Mountains stamp
Fremont depicted on the Rocky Mountains during one of his famed explorations of the American West. This 5-cent commemorative stamp was issued along with eight others for the Trans-Mississippi Exposition held in Omaha, Nebraska in 1898.

In 1856, the Republicans had selected John C. Fremont as their presidential candidate. Despite the fact that he was admired for his explorations in the west, he failed to win the election. The party now looked to the widely respected Abraham Lincoln for the 1860 election. At the party's convention in Chicago, "Honest Abe" became the next presidential hopeful. Seasoned US Senator from Maine, Hannibal Hamlin was selected to be Lincoln’s running mate. Such a selection brought “geographic balance” to the ticket.