The Story of the American Flag Through Stamps

The American Flag Today

37-cent Flag and Statue of Liberty
39-cent Flag and Statue of Liberty stamp, 2006.

The American flag has had many inceptions and its design has evolved over time. Yet, these stories and legends that are passed down through the generations remain, with the same symbolic meaning of unity and strength. The story of Betsy Ross, and the names “Star-Spangled Banner” and “Old Glory” invoke a sense of national pride and remembrance to all who hear them. These are tales and legends that remain prominent in American history and culture. They exist to tell the story of how a simple flag became a symbol of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Additionally, the flag in all its forms has accompanied Americans into battle, comforted them during times of tragedy and marked great achievements.

The Flag and Statue of Liberty stamp shown here, depicts the American Flag waving in the wind behind a majestic Lady Liberty. The design features a melding of two photographic images. The artists, Carl and Anne Purcell took two pictures, one of the Statue of Liberty from the boat that ferries visitors to the island and one of the American flag flying on the island. The Purcells then superimposed the blue-green Statue of Liberty over the flying flag, but made the stars and stripes visible behind the torch.