Letters from World War I

YMCA postcard for the mission in Italy for American soldiers

Address side

Reverse side


[Address side]
Soldiers mail

U. S. [illegible] POSTAL EXPRESS SERVICE No. 823 9 NOV 1918

Censored by: [signature illegible] 1st. Lt., A. A. S.,

Mrs. Alexander 240 So. Main St So. Pottstown Penna. U.S.A.

Cook Clarence G. Ayers U.S.A.A.S. With Italian Army

[Reverse side]
Nov. 10. Mrs. Alexander, I am the soldier boy You met on the train last summer. I believe you were going to Easton to a funeral. You told me to call but it was impossible therefore this letter. Clarence G. Ayers

Opera di Fratellanza Universale
Americana Y.M.C.A.
Case del Soldato

My Fellow Soldiers