Celebrating NASA & Apollo 11 Through Stamps


$3 Mars Rover Sojourner souvenir sheet
The 3-dollar Mars Pathfinder Souvenir Sheet was issued December 10, 1997.
18-cent Columbia Space Shuttle single
The 18-cent Benefiting Mankind stamp was issued May 21, 1981 along with seven other stamps commemorating American spaceflight.

A desire to explore has been deeply imbedded in the American psyche from the beginning. During the first one-hundred years of the United States, exploration took millions of Americans westward across the North American continent. Following World War II to the present day, NASA has channeled America’s interest in exploration through its various manned space flight and unmanned space probe programs.

Very few other national efforts have produced more history, heroes and shared heritage in the second half of the twentieth century to the present day than America’s space program. Since American postage stamps have always commemorated the history, heritage and heroes of the United States, they have and will always remain a perfect vehicle to honor the achievements of NASA and the American space program.

18-cent Moon Walk single
The 18-cent Exploring The Moon stamp was issued on May 21, 1981
18-cent Pioneer 11 single.
The 18-cent Probing The Planets stamp was issued May 21, 1981.