President Truman Dedicates Everglades National Park

December 6, 1947
3-cent Everglades National Park stamp

3-cent Everglades National Park stamp

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13-cent Florida stamp
The 13-cent Florida flag stamp was issued February 23, 1976, as part of the American Bicentennial Celebration stamp issues.

On December 6, 1947, President Harry Truman dedicated the Everglades National Park in the state of Florida, protecting more than 2,000 square miles of wetlands and wildlife. In celebration of this event, the National Postal Museum has created this mini-exhibit showcasing the history and wildlife of one of America’s most unique treasures.

"Here is land, tranquil in its quiet beauty, serving not as the source of water, but as the last receiver of it. To its natural abundance we owe the spectacular plant and animal life that distinguishes this place from all others in our country."
-President Harry Truman, December 6, 1947

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