The Station Houses

Photograph of Hollenberg Station
Station house at Hollenberg, Kansas.
Courtesy of Library of Congress

The station house at Hollenberg, Kansas was one of the best along the Pony Express route, and is one of the few still standing to this day. Over 150 station houses were used by the Pony Express. Less than a handful survive (and even fewer survive intact). The buildings were built for use, not longevity. In the years following the service’s demise in 1861 those buildings not being used for other purposes fell into disrepair or disappeared. Not until the service gained its reborn fame at the turn of the 20th century was much interest shown in locating or preserving them.

Hollenberg Station, along Kansas’ northern border, was originally constructed by Gerat Hollenberg for pioneers traveling along the western trails. To save money and time, Pony Express officials contracted with owners of existing stations whenever possible to house horses and riders for the service. The station was designated a Kansas State Historical site and now includes an active visitors interpretation site and center.