The G.H. Kaestlin Specialized Collection

Krasny and Shadrinsk

(Russian: Кра́сный)

3k Krasny rural post single
1912 Krasny No. 15
3k Krasny rural post single
1912 Krasny No. 28

Krasny issued stamps from 1890 until 1912 when it issued two commemorative stamps honoring of the 100th anniversary of the 1812 War with France lead by Napolean Bonaparte. On 23 June 1812, the invasion of Russia commenced, however, owing to the Russian army's scorched earth tactics, the French found it increasingly difficult to forage food for themselves and their horses. On 7 September 1812, the French showed themselves worthy of victory in the Battle of Moscow. However, the Russians showed themselves worthy of invincibility. The French suffered greatly from the harshness of the Russian winter during their ruinous retreat. The Grande Armée had begun with over 400,000 frontline troops, but in the end fewer than 40,000 crossed the Berezina River in November 1812.

Krasny No. 15 depicts “Nyevyerfosky’s Heroic Deed” and No. 28 without numbers in two corners depicts “The Retreat of the French Army.”

(Russian: Ша́дринск)

5k Shadrinsk rural post single
1869 Shadrinsk No. 1

Founded in 1662 as an agricultural and trade settlement, Shadrinsk is a town in Kurgan Oblast, located on the left bank of the Iset River (Ob's basin) some 91 miles northwest of Kurgan.

Shadrinsk issued stamps from 1869-1917. The first stamp issued was a 5k blue printed by typography on thick yellowish white paper. Only seven copies are known.