Works from the National Gallery of Art

Follower of Lippi and Pesello - Madonna and Child

A young woman seen from the lap up, sitting behind the edge of a dark gray, stone platform, with her arms supporting a baby boy standing on the ledge.
“Madonna and Child,” c. 1470, by a follower of Fra Filippo Lippi and Pesellino, tempera on poplar panel,
Widener Collection, National Gallery of Art
Postage stamp featuring a haloed Virgin Mary, clad with a white veil over her head and a red garment and blue cloak, looking at a blond, haloed Christ child while placing her right hand on his shoulder. The Christ child looks directly at the viewer.
2016 Christmas stamp issued October 18th in Washington, DC (Scott 5143)

The 2016 traditional Christmas stamp was based on this Madonna and Child painting in the Widener Collection.