The Crime, the Victims, and the Legacy


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Articles, Blogs, and Podcasts


  • Block, Eugene. Great Train Robberies of the West. New York: Coward-McCann, Inc., 1959. [“The Case of the Abandoned Overalls” chapter]
  • Chipman, Art. Tunnel 13: The Story of the DeAutremont Brothers and the West's Last Great Train Hold Up. Medford, OR: Pine Cone Publishers, 1977.
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  • Mangold, Scott. Tragedy at Southern Oregon Tunnel 13: DeAutremonts Hold Up the Southern Pacific. Charleston, SC: History Press, 2013.
  • Sturholm, Larry and John Howard. All for Nothing; The True Story of the Last Great American Train Robbery. Portland, OR: BLS Publishing Co., 1976.
  • Webber, Burt. Oregon's Great Train Holdup: The DeAutremont Case No. 57893-D. Fairfield, WA: Ye Galleon Press, 1974.

Collections in Museums and Archives

Multiple repositories with primary sources include:

Comic Books

  • “Brother Rats.” Crime Does Not Pay 49 (Jan 1947): 25-33.
  • “The D'Autremont Brothers and ‘The Siskayu Tunnel Murders.’” Murder Incorporated 6 (Nov 1948): 1-9.
  • “Justice Has a Million Eyes!” Magazine Village: True Crime Comics 1:6 (Jun-Jul 1949): 31-34.
  • “The Twin Killers: The DeAutremont Brothers.” Wanted 11 (Jan 1948): 2-10.

Documentaries and Films

Newspaper Databases

Multiple contemporary news articles about the case can be located by searching newspaper databases, two free access databases include:

Oral History Interviews