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The Artworks: Substance and Style

Stylistically, U.S. postage stamps have become quite diverse in the last 50 years, primarily due to advances in printing technology. Stamp artists can now capture an ever-expanding array of subjects more dynamically, from history to fantasy, from social concerns to our favorite pastimes. Today, the look of stamps ranges from black-and-white scratchboard to full-color photography, from formal portraits to portraits with vignettes that provide context and mood. Circling the globe in editions of millions, stamp art has taken flight.

How an Idea Becomes a Stamp

The Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee {CSAC} meets several times a year to review the myriad suggestions received for stamp subjects. Some ideas come from Committee members themselves, and many others come from stamp collectors, postal officials, and the public at large. Once a subject has been approved, the Manager of Stamp Development assigns it to one of the six independent art directors who work with CSAC. The art director selects an artist whose style and technique will bring the subject to life. There is a real knack to capturing the essence of a subject at stamp size.

Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee


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Reproducing Stamps and Artworks

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