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Introduction to Classroom Materials about V-Mail

Resizing Lifelines with photo of soldiers looking at letters

These activities provide a creative way to teach writing skills - letter writing for elementary and middle school - and about World War II (WWII) as well as writing for high school students. In conjunction with the National Postal Museum’s online exhibition Victory Mail along with textbooks and other resources already in use in the classroom, these materials will help students understand aspects of  patriotism during wartime, and the significance of personal correspondence by focusing on the efforts made by civilians on the home front during the war. Students will likely find learning about V-Mail an interesting way to engage in writing and social studies lessons.

The Standards of Learning for which the suggested activities are aligned include: Washington DC Public Schools grades 2-4 in Language Arts and grade 10 in Social Studies, The National Council for Teachers of English grade 12, and the National Center of History in the Schools grades 5-12.

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