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Blanche Scott

28-cent Blanche Stuart Scott stamp
The Blanche Stuart Scott stamp was issued December 30, 1980.

Blanche Scott (1885-1970) was adventurous from the start. In 1910, she was the second woman to drive across the United States. This daring spirit soon led her to aviation. During a flight lesson, a gust of wind caught her plane, making it airborne. Although the duration was short, Blanche became the first woman to make a solo flight. She continued her career as a stunt pilot, known as the “Tomboy of the Air.” In 1912 she became the first female test pilot for prototype planes. She retired four years later, tired of working in an industry which offered no positions for women as mechanics or engineers. In 1948, Blanche returned to the air one last time to become the first American woman to fly a jet.