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Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan

15-cent Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan stamp
The Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan stamp was issued on June 27, 1980.

Helen Keller (1880-1968) suffered from an illness as a small child that left her deaf and blind. Due to her condition, she had difficulty communicating with the world. In 1886, Anne Sullivan (1866-1936) became Helen’s governess and lifelong companion. Anne had suffered from blindness as a child and was able to work with Helen through a language of hand communication. With Anne’s help, Helen showed the world that people with disabilities can lead full, productive lives. Helen graduated from Radcliff College in 1904 and dedicated her life to working on behalf of the disabled and on issues such as gender and racial equality. Together, Anne and Helen worked for the American Foundation for the Blind, serving as advisors and advocates for the rest of their lives.