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Charles Mulford's Letter

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Pioneer Camp

Independence Mo., May 13, 1848

My Coz Nella,

I resume my pen for the first time since our arrival. . . . More than all I wish you might see the broad prairie as we see them now. We have a most beautiful camp on a high roll of the prairie with clear good springs of water on either side of us.

Tomorrow we cross the Big Blue and intend going 12 miles—our days journeys will be short until mules are well broken in—we had the fun of driving and breaking one wild one—and no small task it was I can assure you. . . . Our mess is composed of 3 young men from Michigan and 1 from New Hampshire and in professions we stand 2 Lawyers 2 Merchants and 2 Farmers.


Courtesy of The Rensselaerville Correspondence, The Frances Long Collection, New York