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Mary Stevenson's Letter

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New Sweden, Iowa, June l5, l865

Dear parents, sisters, and brothers:

I will again write to you and thank you for the welcome letter which we read so eagerly. The week your letter came we were in anxious expectation, as I dreamed many times about Sweden and about you. I always dream about you before your letters arrive. You may rest assured that your letters are read with eagerness, and it is with joy that we learn that you are in good health and are prospering. I am a little disappointed that sister Sophia does not come—we would have happy times together. But this prospect has faded since her fiancé doesn't want to leave. Now I am in hopes that Johanna will get the "American fever."

Oliver speaks a great deal of moving to Sweden, but I don't favor it, as I have things as good as I could wish. The only thing that could induce me to go to Sweden is the pleasure of being with you. Uncle and Aunt say that we may expect you, but we do not want to insist. We will soon make our decision, and we wish you would write as soon as possible whether you have any thoughts of coming to America. 

Mary Stevenson