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Post-Haste Surface Table

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Post-Haste interactive Surface Table in the museum
Post-Haste interactive Surface Table

This Surface Table interactive challenges visitors to choose a route and vehicle to carry the mail across the nation as quickly, safely, and cheaply as possible.

As prepared as visitors may be, disaster could always strike! Visitors can compete to see how well they play against previous players and against the ideal outcome by comparing their score with others.

Traveling back to 1859, visitors can follow a family who is sending mail across the country. Visitors choose among three destination cities and a land or sea route. Each route has five stops, of which visitors determine the best vehicle and crew for each stop with multiple outcomes possible.

Images: Quatrefoil Associates, Louisa Kwasigroch

Additional Imagery

  • a mother and son using the Post-Haste Surface Table
    Post-Haste interactive Surface Table
  • close up of the Post-Haste Surface Table screen
    Museum visitors using Post-Haste interactive Surface Table