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The National Postal Museum is divided into galleries that explore America's postal history from colonial times to the present. Visitors learn how mail has been transported and the wondrous diversity of postage stamps.

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Exhibit Highlights

View of atrium inside the museum including airplane, truck, and railcar

Moving the Mail

Transportation is critical to good mail service. Among the National Postal Museum's artifacts are a number of different vehicles that have carried the mail.

the text William H. Gross Stamp Gallery in red next to several colorful stamps

The William H. Gross Stamp Gallery

Named after its primary benefactor, the William H. Gross Stamp Gallery is the world’s largest gallery dedicated to philately.

photo of postal sorting machinery

Systems at Work

You drop a letter in a mailbox and then what happens?

Postal Inspector looking through binoculars

Behind the Badge: The U.S. Postal Inspection Service

Postal inspectors work to keep the mail safe.

a large group of soldiers

Mail Call

Explore the history of the military postal system through Mail Call.

British Guiana One-Cent Magenta

This exhibition of the world’s most famous stamp is the longest and most publicly accessible showing ever.

Pony Express: Romance vs. Reality

This exhibition examines fictional and actual stories from the history of the world's best known mail carriers.

Airmail in America

Learn about the role the postal system played in the creation of America's commercial aviation industry.

Networking a Nation: Star Route Service

This exhibition explores Star Routes, a mail service established in 1845 when the Postal Service began hiring contractors to use the most appropriate and efficient methods of transportation to carry the mail.