Bernard Peyton Specialized Collection of Chile

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1853 - Chile Number 1

Prepared by Thomas Lera, Winton M. Blount Research Chair.


The Bernard Peyton Collection consists of 2 volumes of stamps, proofs, and covers from Chile from 1853 - 1867.


Bernard Peyton of Princeton, New Jersey, donated several significant specialized South American philatelic collections to the Smithsonian’s national philatelic collection.

The specialized collection of Chile, Volumes 1 – 2 was donated on December 23, 1958 (Accession Number 223486).


This significant international collection was donated by Bernard Peyton to the Smithsonian national philatelic collection. The collection begins with a comprehensive study of the different color shades of the first issues of Chile from 1853-67 including rarities, varieties, multiples, cancellations and bisects and postal history.