Container Inventory

Volume 1: Postal history 1779 - 1858 on 45 pages. Pre-stamp usages and stampless postmarks, including:

  • 1799 Official cover to Guatemala from Lima, featuring earliest known use of straight line LIMA postal marking
  • Covers carried by the USS Frigate Brandywine
  • May 1, 1841 cover carried by the Pacific Steam Navigation Company Steamer Peru forwarded by Alsop & Co.
  • Representative examples of prephilatelic stampless covers with various straight line town cancels

Volume 2: Unique 1847 essays for the Pacific Steam Navigation Company stamps and outstanding platings of the 1 and 2 Reale stamps (Scott Numbers 1 and 2) on 33 pages, including:

  • Die proof of the 1 Real and multiple copies of plate proofs of the 1 and 2 Reales on card in red-brown, blue and black; Also included is an unrecorded plate proof on card in green
  • Singles, pairs, strips and the largest known mint multiples (block of 15 of 1 Real and block of 24 of 2 Reales) on blued paper
  • Strip of 3 used 1 Real stamps (largest known multiple) and 11 single used copies of 1 Real stamp
  • Examples of 1860s reprints on white paper
  • 1 Real used on cover with barred numeral 7 cancel (one of 6 recorded covers)

Volume 3: First issued stamp of 1858 (Scott Number 3), stamps and covers. Extremely comprehensive, both on and off cover, including multiples of each, 43 pages, including:

  • Diagram of the 19 subtypes of the Un Dinero intermediate transfer block
  • Reconstructed intermediate transfer block and large assemblage of singles, pairs, and blocks with town cancels
  • Extensive examples of singles and pairs used on cover
  • Forgeries
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Type E Medio Peso Rose Red Error, dated 20 May 1859
Chacas is a small town in the Department of Ancash, Province of Asuncion. In 1792 the population was 1,657 and today it is approximately 6,000. The post office was established in the early 1800's. The oldest cancel known is from 1808. Surprisingly in the postal reorganization of 1853 it was designated a Subprincipal office. On December 30, 1864 it was demoted to a Receptoria, a lower class of office where it remains today. The office has been in continuous operation for 200 years.

Volume 4: Early issues 1858-59 (Scott Numbers 3 - 8), stamps and covers on 52 pages, including:

  • Four off cover ½ peso (medio peso) rose red errors (Scott Number 5) and one example on cover
  • Several reconstructed blocks including one block of 26 of the December 1858 1 Peseta (Scott Number 8) made up of a block of 20, strip of 4 and a pair
  • Bisects on cover and covers with different town cancellations
  • A cover with a pair of Scott Number 9 and single Scott Number 8 – Registered (CERTIFICADO) from Huari via Chacas to Lima, February 16, 1860

Volume 5: The 3rd issue 1860 (Scott Number 9) stamps and covers on 43 pages, including:

  • Diagrams of the intermediate transfer blocks of the first, second and third settings
  • Reconstructed blocks for each setting
  • First and second retouch shown with examples and reconstructed intermediate transfer blocks
  • Only mint block known of double transfers (three shown) of second retouch
  • Town cancels - on and off cover
  • One triple rate (six dinero) cover from Chiclayo to Lima, February 15, 1863

Volume 6: The 3rd issue 1860, 1 peseta (Scott Number 10 and 11) stamps and covers on 47 pages, including:

  • Various examples of first through fourth settings including different cancels and large blocks
  • Examples of brick red (Scott 10a) and rose red with cornucopia on white ground (Scott 10b)
  • Retouched Scott 11 and on pelure paper Scott 11a - used and unused stamps, blocks, cancels, and used on various covers
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1862 Un Dinero pair – unique double print from Tacna

Volume 7: Issue of 1862 (Scott Number 12 and 13) stamps and covers on 54 pages, including:

  • Embossed issues collected in proofs (black and vermilion), singles, multiples, pin-hole guide marks, paste-ups, cancellations and used on covers
  • Errors with Coat of arms struck sideways and example of double impression
  • Bisect usages used on mail including one that went by train
  • Straightline cancel on cover to Wales
  • Forgeries
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Un Dinero, Blue Green with Coat of Arms Inverted

Volume 8: Sixth issue 1868 (Scott Number 14) stamps and covers on 37 pages, including:

  • Cover with inverted Coat of Arms, March 28, 1859, Lima to Valparaiso
  • Proofs (black and green), multiples, paste-ups, color cancels and varieties
  • Excellent covers with foreign usages and postage dues including a triple rate cover to Genoa, Italy, and a registered cover on the first Peru Stamped Envelope dated January 19, 1876, from Lima to Tacna
  • Covers with a variety of forwarding agents, transit and steamer markings
  • Bisects including one forgery

Volume 9: Fifth issue 1866 (Scott Number 16 - 18) and Scott Number 19, stamps (proofs and essays), cancels and covers on 42 pages (volume number out of order), including:

  • Die proof of the 5 centavos and various plate proofs
  • 13 cutouts of the 5 centavos from American Bank Note Company sample sheets printed on thin paper and mint block of 25 from the first printing
  • Mint block of 56 of the 10 centavos from the first printing and used block of 20 with CORONGO cancel
  • Railroad cancel, bisects, registered covers, domestic covers
  • Forgeries

Volume 10: Earliest commemorative stamp 1871-73 (Scott Number 19 – 20) and Postage Dues (Scott Number J-1 to J-50), singles, multiples and covers, including postage due on 55 pages and:

  • Printed on the Lecocq press there are paste-ups, printing and inking errors, like “CALL” instead of “CALLAO”
  • Scott Number 20 has a vertical strip of 17 stamps
  • Die and plate proofs for the unissued 2 Centavo Green Postage Due
  • Postage Dues with Plata, Lima-Correos, UPU, “Deficit” and Triangle Overprints
  • 1877 Inbound cover from Great Britain with three 6-pencestamps and a J-3 Postage Due
  • Questionable cover with two J-2 used to pay postage to Bordeaux
  • January 13, 1876, cover (only recorded) with one Scott Number 20 used to pay local postage within a city

Volume 11: This appears to be a staging volume with miscellaneous items on 4 pages, including:

  • Unlisted overprint UPU unlisted in horseshoe style
  • Die proofs and plate proofs
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1876 Triple Combination Cover from Callao to Wolfboro, New Hampshire Peru, Consulate free, British 6d, and USA 5 cents with 19 cents due

Volume 12: Covers, postmarks, and cancels from British Agencies in Peru on 59 pages, including:

  • British Agencies in Peru are C36 - Arica, C38 - Callao, C42 - Islay, C43 – Paita, D74 – Pisco, and D87 – Iquique (in black and blue) and to Peru C35 (from Panama)
  • Cancels both on and off cover with many rare postal history usages including several U. S. and Peru combination covers as well as French and U.S. postal uses to and from Peru
  • Block of 12 of 2/- Great Britain, Plate 1 with Callao C38 postmark
  • 1870 cover from Iquique to Genoa via Panama – “Insufficient PrePaid” marking with 4 British stamps and 1 Peruvian
  • 1872 Triple combination cover from Callao to Syracuse, N.Y.
  • 1864 cover from Martinique to Lima with multiple marking including “Conduccion del Cartero Gratis” meaning Free Delivery by Postman

Volume 13: Large mint multiples of 1874-97 issues of Peru and postage dues 1874 – 1899 on 35 pages, including:

  • Sheets of stamps including D1 and D34 with “FRANQUEO”