Francis A. Shafer Specialized Collection of Ireland Stamps, Covers and Essays

Finding Guide

Prepared by Thomas Lera, Winton Blount Research Chair The Council of Philatelists Research Committee and William R. Schultz.

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Horizontal Coil (Scott 58)


The Francis A. Shafer Specialized Collection of Ireland Stamps, Covers, and Essays (NPM Accession Numbers 232974 and 255614) consists of three volumes of singles, pairs, blocks of four stamps and covers from 1728 to 1957. The collection is housed on the original pages.


The collection was donated by Francis A. Shafer in two parts to the museum. Two albums, under Accession Number 232974, were donated on September 21, 1960 and one album, Accession Number 255614, on June 29, 1964.


This collection includes stampless covers from 1728 to 1841, 1922 – 1925 overprints printed by different companies, propaganda labels, essays of the “Angel with Trumpet” and the “Plowman” stamps, covers from the 1929 Experimental Air Service, coils and booklets, and several revenue documents. There is also a temperance letter from Father Theobald Matthew dated 10/22/1844.

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1922 Dollard, Ltd. Overprint 1c - Scott 2, Inverted and Several Overprint Varieties Including Missing “1922”