Resources found in the Smithsonian National Postal Museum Library include:

  • Duggan, John. Zeppelinpost LZ 129 Hindenburg. (Ickenham, Middx: Zeppelin Study Group, 2004).
  • Duggan, John and Jim Graue. Commercial Zeppelin flights to South America: The Commercial South America Flights and Airmails of the Zeppelin Airships. (Valleyford, WA: JL Diversified, 1995).
  • Heinmuller, John Paul Virgil. Man’s Right to Fly: Famous World Record Flights and a Chronology of Aviation
  • (New York, London, Funk & Wagnalls company, 1944 and New York, Aero Print Co., 1945). Lehmkuhl, Donald J. Zeppelin Stamps. (Winter Park, FL: Michael Rogers, Inc., 1992).
  • Michel Zeppelin- und Flugpost-Spezial-Katalog 2002 (2nd ed.) (München, Germany, 2002).
  • Sieger Zeppelinpost Spezial-Katalog (22nd ed.) (Lorch: Germany, 2001).
  • Periodicals: The Airpost Journal, The Zeppelin Collector in The Jack Knight Air Log, and Zeppelin Post Journal. Resources on the NPM website include nearly a hundred zeppelin covers with descriptions.