Container Inventory

J & H Stolow Album of the First Airmail Issue of El Salvador

  • A collection based on the Alex Cohen booklet of the First Issue Airmails
  • A collection showing the various varieties of the First Issue Airmails including numerous cover fragments showing multiple copies of these issues
  • There is no copy of the 20c with red overprint

One Miscellaneous box marked Salvador containing

  • Anonymous donation under Accession No. 245624 (five objects), Scott No. C78 - C80 vignettes in black or red on card and paper, Accession No. 264055 (ten objects), progressive proofs and die proofs of Scott No. C78 - C80, and, Accession No. 297869 (six objects) Die Proofs and die essays Scott No. C78 - C80
  • Donated by Dr. Vijai Pal Singh under Accession No. 1979.0641 (35 objects), airmail imperforate mint pairs (C36 - C45) including “HABILITADO” overprints, regular mint (538 - 547) including “HABILITADO” overprints, mint pairs punched either “CHICAGO” or “SPECIMEN” (538 -542), and mint pairs punched either “CHICAGO” or “SPECIMEN” (C36 - C40)
  • Accession No. 1999.2022.1-.63 (63 objects), consisting of proofs from the Hamilton Bank Note Company and the Columbia Bank Note Co. including “CHICAGO” perfins and “Columbia Bank Note Co” perfins