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Michel Postal Stationery of the World Collection

Volume 118 – Salvador – 64 pages of stamped envelopes mint and used from 1887 – 1898, including provisional and overprinted envelopes

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Unique essay of the 1892 Postal Card (Michel Collection)
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1879 Formula Card (Michel collection)
  • 1879 Formula card essays
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A decree was published in 1881 or 1882 authorizing postal cards
but no cards were issued at that time. This may be an essay for such a card. (Michel collection)
  • 1881-1882 Postal Card essay
  • An 1889 5c envelope with a counterfeit “1889” handstamp
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Double rate (10c per 15g), Registered (10c), AR (5c) cover of February 14, 1890 to Guayaqual, Ecuador (Michel collection)
  • A rare usage - 1890 20c registered postal stationery envelope with 5c and 10c adhesives from San Salvador to Guayaquil, Ecuador
  • An 1893 5c on blue envelope with a 5c adhesive marked “TARDE” going to Lemy-Kemp in New York with a NYFM “12”
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December 9, 1894 “Drop Letter” rate with octagon “Servicio Urbano” marking. (Michel collection)
  • An 1894 2c provisional envelope with a San Salvador “star in circle” cancel and the San Salvador “Servicio Urbano” octagon cancel of December 9, 1894 paying the local drop letter rate
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Philatelic articles have always stated that the punched postal stationery items
were from 1907. This obviously dated from a later period. Status unknown. (Michel collection)
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Enlargement of the indicium
  • An Escalon envelope from 1910 with an inverted “5” punched over red stars
  • A fair number of postally used envelopes and postal cards including an 1894 card used on January 1, 1894 with a new year greeting and a philatelically inspired 1896 12c envelope used on January 1, 1896 to San Salvador from Chilamatal

Volume 119 – Salvador and Samoa – 14 pages of stamped envelopes mint and used from 1899 - 1912, 14 pages of wrappers from 1890 - 1897, 4 pages of postal reply cards, 1 page of Memorandum Postal sheets, 26 pages of postal cards from 1883 - 1904 with the only known essay of the 3c 1892 postal card, 1 page of UPU cards and 1 page of Official cards printed by the Hamilton Bank Note Company. The last 10 pages are items from Samoa.

  • A supposed 5c 1907 Formula card used on December 30, 1909 to Hussman stamp company in St. Louis, MO with a message offering the 1909 Independence Issue stamps at $50 gold per 100. (Maybe counterfeit overprints)
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A Registered (10c) printed matter (3c) cover from San Salvador on August 7, 1912. (Michel collection)
  • Scarce usage of an 1897 revalued envelope (13c on 15c) revalued again in 1912 by overprinting with two large “5”s