Milton Lipsner, son of Benjamin Lipsner, donated his father's collection to the Smithsonian's National Philatelic Collection in 1982. A list exists of the objects as they were arranged on Lipsner's original exhibit panels. Although only one panel remains, most of the removed objects correspond with the list.

In addition to the accessioned material listed below, there are over 500 accessioned and cataloged covers from Lipsner's personal aerophilately collection that are located at the National Postal Museum.

Twelve scrapbooks, photographs and miscellaneous biographical material are held by Smithsonian Institution Libraries' Postal Museum branch. Some aviation related material was transferred to the National Air and Space Museum. And a number of foreign bank notes were transferred to the National Museum of American History's National Numismatic Collection. The National Museum of American History also was given a set of stateroom keys used by Orville Wright while attending the 1937 Aeronautics Conference.