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Mail Ships: Photos

Hindenburg's Radio Room

Hindenburg's radio room
Hindenburg's radio room (#1)

Radio officers sent and received wireless messages for the crew and passengers from the radio room, located above the gondola on the opposite side of the post room. By flipping the image, the shape of the post room could be recreated and the style of furnishings replicated. The post room had a table with trays and storage compartments, a bench, and a sliding door to the passageway that secured by padlock.


Hindenburg's Post Room

Hindenburg's post room
Hindenburg’s gondola and two portside windows of the post room (upper right). (#2)
Courtesy National Archives

The post room, where Hindenburg’s postmaster handled the mail, was above the rear of the gondola and had two portside windows.


Hindenburg's Navigation officer and Postmaster Max Zabel

Max Zabel
Navigation officer Max Zabel (#3)

In 1937, navigation officer Max Zabel also served as Hindenburg’s postmaster.


Hindenburg's Helmsman Kurt Schönherr

Helmsman Kurt Schönherr
Helmsman Kurt Schönherr (#4)

In 1936, helmsman Kurt Schönherr handled Hindenburg postal operations. This earlier photograph shows him as postmaster of the Graf Zeppelin in its post office room.


Hindenburg's Reading and Writing Room

Hindenburg's Reading and Writing Room
Hindenburg’s Reading and Writing Room offered books, newspapers, a typewriter, and a mail slot on the side of the bookshelf.
Courtesy anonymous


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