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Frank Ward, Ground Crew Member
Hindenburg, May 6, 1937

Video of interview with Frank Ward

In 1937, Frank Ward was a high school student and one of the youngest civilians of the Hindenburg landing crew. Watch this video interview to share his experience as he held one of the mooring lines at the moment of the disaster.

Hindenburg Disaster Film

Herb Morrison, WLS Chicago radio reporter, and engineer Charlie Nehlsen captured the Hindenburg disaster on lacquer disc.

The Lost Map of the Hindenburg

Hindenburg on fire

Seventy-five years after the tragedy, a curator at the National Postal Museum made a discovery that shed new light on what happened to the doomed dirigible. (Smithsonian.com)

Posted Aboard the R.M.S. Titanic

This video features the heroic story of the ship's mail clerks and ends with remarkable underwater footage of the ship.

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