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Servant girl Lucile stamped envelope

Slavery: Slave-Carried Mail

Davis, Deupree and Company cover

Slavery: The Business of Slavery

Great Meeting in Fanueil Hall circular

Abolition: Abolition and the Mail

3¢ Landing of the First Colonists, Liberia, 1949

Abolition: Liberia

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The Civil War

First Federal Issue revenue stamp on slave girl photograph, c. 1864


Skull and Crossbones KKK postal cancel, Union Mills, Pennsylvania, c. 1870

Reconstruction: The Ku Klux Klan

Mrs. Frazer Baker and Children, c. 1899

Segregation: Postal

70¢ Charles Alfred Anderson approved stamp art by Sterling Hundley, c. 2014

Segregation: Military

10¢ Booker T. Washington, 1940 postage stamp

Civil Rights Movement: Origins

Ida B. Wells approved stamp art by Thomas Blackshear II, c. 1990

Civil Rights Movement: Struggle against Lynching

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Civil Rights Movement: Direct Action

25¢ Frederick Douglass approved stamp art by Walter DuBois Richards, c. 1967

Black Heritage Stamp Series: Origins

29¢ W. E. B. Du Bois approved stamp art by Higgins Bond, c. 1992

Black Heritage Stamp Series: Controversies

37¢ Marian Anderson approved stamp art by Albert Slark, c. 2005

Black Heritage Stamp Series: Portraiture

Black Heritage Stamp Series: Legacies