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Internship Opportunities

Want to gain valuable skills and experience working in a museum? Apply for a Postal Museum Internship! Work on a relevant project, get one-on-one mentorship from staff, and contribute to the museum's offerings.

National Postal Museum Internships:
• are based in the Collections, Curatorial, Education, Exhibits, and Library Departments.
• are offered during the spring, summer and fall semesters on a rolling basis.
• are appropriate for a wide variety of skill levels.
• are flexible in schedule and include one afternoon per week for professional and personal development.
• do not offer a stipend.

Apply here: SOLAA
Questions or concerns? Contact the Internship Coordinator.

Which Department is Right for You?

Collections Department

Collections internships are about cataloging and preserving objects for storage or display in the museum galleries. Past projects include preparing stamp artwork for the Freedom exhibition and rehousing and digitizing the Post Master General's collection.

If you like hands-on experience with artifacts, this is the department for you!

Curatorial Department

Curatorial internships focus on conducting research about postal history or philatelic topics. Interns utilize the museum library and primary source materials to research their concept, then showcase their findings to the public. Some projects have culminated with informational webpages about topics like the ZIP code promotional campaignrailway mail service, and women in the postal service.

If you love researching and writing, this is the department for you!

Education Department

Education internships are about educational programs and visitor services inside and outside the museum. Projects in the past include developing a story time program for young childrencreating a pop-up cart to bring the museum outside, and implementing an accessibility tour for low-vision and blind visitors.

If you are a people-person, this is the department for you!

Exhibits Department

Exhibits internships focus on the design, installation and upkeep of Postal Museum exhibitions and galleries. One intern's project was the graphic design for the Collecting History exhibit.

If are a lover of design, this is the department for you!

Library Department

Library internships center around expanding and maintaining the museum library collection. Past projects include arranging the Small Journals collection, shifting monographs to make room for new acquisitions, and improving the library website.

If you like books and organization, this is the department for you!

Web Department

The museum’s Web Team is looking for a Web Design Intern to create static online exhibit and virtual exhibit microsites. Intern projects are based on past exhibit, virtual exhibit, and research article content.

If you love Web Design, this is the department for you!