Glossary: V

V-Mail - service used from June 15, 1942, to April 1, 1945, which facilitated swift and easy communication between troops and the home front. Individuals used special pre-printed forms for messages that were reduced to microfilm, flown to a v-mail facility nearest the addressee, and printed out to one-forth the size of the original.

Vehicle Service - a service created on October 19, 1914. Prior to that time, the Post Office Department contracted with privately owned companies to provide and operate motorized vehicles carrying mail. After 1914, the Post Office Department purchased its own vehicles and hired its own drivers.

Vending machine stamp - stamp designed or printed for sale in coin-operated machines. These stamps may differ from ordinary postage in perf varieties, and they tend to be small format size.

Vignette - the primary design area of a stamp