Holiday Cards Add Some Sparkle to the Postal Museum


By Erin Blasco, Public Programs Coordinator

You can still hear the wail of vacuum cleaners trying to remove a few gallons of glitter from the Postal Museum carpet. Last Saturday's Holiday Card Workshop left much evidence of the crafty fun that was had by nearly 100 visitors under the expert guidance of local artist Thalia Doukas. Enjoy our gallery of creative cards below!

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Collage is one of the most popular card making techniques at the workshop.
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This workshop participant used a crayon rubbing to add some texture to her card and topped it off with ink stamps.
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Inspired by a Hanukkah postage stamp, this card's simple, bold design was eye-catching.

Join us for two upcoming winter programs:

Crafty Card Workshop
Wednesday, Dec 9th
10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
This holiday, send a handmade card to someone special. Beautiful materials supplied. No registration needed.

Winter Mail Tales
Saturday, Dec 12th
11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Hear tales about the skis, snowbird trucks, and dogsleds that have sped winter letters and packages to mailboxes around the country.

More photos from Saturday:

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A bounteous buffet of craft supplies awaits before the workshop doors open.
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The ink stamp station, a new addition to this year's workshop, was lots of fun for all ages. The glitter station was a favorite of the under-tens!
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Ashley, a Postal Museum volunteer, shows off her ornament-card combo. Ashley sampled every material and technique available at the workshop to share ideas with visitors.